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Using Synology DNS to speed up WordPress

Running WordPress on a Synology NAS is a fun way to extend its capabilities but if you really go for it and build rich content using a page builder such as Elementor, page load times in the back-end editor take a hit. This article describes how you can speed …

Installing WordPress using php 7 on Synology

A quick guide   Installation of WordPress (from WordPress.org) instead of the official Synology Package has several advantages: It allows you to install several copies in different folders for different websites. (The Synology Package doesn't allow this) It allows you change the config file to allow WordPress to source updates directly from WordPress.org so …

Add some zip to WordPress on Synology

Add some zip to WordPress on Synology

Are the WordPress sites on your Synology DiskStation a bit sluggish? In this article I describe how I migrated mine to an SSD volume to inject some extra speed.

Elementor Pro & Essential Add-ons Pro: installation order

There are two ways to install Elementor Pro.  Both seem to work, but one of the methods will cause a fatal error that will take down the front and backend of your WordPress installation when you install the Essential Addons plugin. Learn how to avoid the problem

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Accessibility and SEO: the need for Alt Text

Adding images to web pages makes them easier to read by breaking up text and illustrating a point without the need to use a thousand words.  However, unless you provide an adequate description of the image, your visual aid will be no help to people with visual impairment.  The paradox …

Gutenberg Editor: The perils of ignoring users

Software designers are faced with at least two dilemmas. Do we: Stick with what works or be different? Listen to what users need or decide for them?  And there is a classic software designer's trap - designing for themselves instead of the user. Get it right and you succeed.  Get it wrong …

Migrate a WordPress Site to a Synology NAS

This guide describes the process for migrating a WordPress site from a hosted environment to a Synology DiskStation, using a WordPress.org version of WordPress instead of the Synology Package version.  If like me, you need to run multiple instances of WordPress for different purposes, this process can be used to support …