Elementor Pro & Essential Add-ons Pro: installation order

There are two ways to install Elementor Pro.  Both seem to work, but three times today I discovered that one of the methods will cause a fatal error that will take down the front and backend of your WordPress installation if you install the Essential Addons plugin. 

This post describes how to avoid the problem.

Route 1:  The one with the problem1 

  1. Install Elementor Pro without having first installed Elementor
  2. During the installation / activation process you will be warned that Pro cannot function without Elementor and it will offer to install it for you.
  3. Accept
  4. Activation proceeds and Pro installs
  5. Enter licence key to complete Activation
  6. So far so good.
  7. Install Essential Addons plugin
  8. Installation succeeds
  9. Activate Essential Addons
  10. WordPress crashes with the error:

Description of fatal error with parts masked for privacy purposes

Route 2:  The one without the problem

  1. Install Elementor plugin and activate it
  2. Install Elementor Pro plugin and activate it
  3. Install Essential Addons plugin and activate

This procedure works.


It’s not apparent whether this is a problem with Elementor Pro or Essential Addons Pro but there seems to be something about the Route 1 Elementor Pro installation process that causes the Essential Add Ons activator to throw the fatal error and kill the WordPress installation.  I have reported it to both developers


Just to add to the mix, the next day I installed Phlox Theme – one of the most recommended themes to use with Elementor.  The install went well and I activated the theme.  Then I followed the suggested route of installing the Phlox add ons.  And that caused the same fatal error to occur.

Clearly this is not just an Elementor – Essential Addons problem.




  1. That is, it has a problem IF you want to install the Essential Addons Pro plugin.  I haven’t tested it with the free version of that plugin.  Nor do I know if there are consequences if you don’t install Essential Addons plugin at all.  After three re-installs of WordPress, I wasn’t up for another failure.

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