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Getting Started – Tips for new Synology Users

Proud owner of a new Synology DiskStation or Router? Wondering what to do next - where to start? Can't sort your EXT4 from your BTRFS or your RAID1 from your SHR? We'll help you out by answering common questions asked by novice users on the Synology Admins …

TNG Timeline Events

TNG's Timeline Chart provides graphical and list views of historical events during your ancestors' lifetimes - but creating the events can be time consuming. This article contains links to a canned set of approximately 410 Timeline Events that can be imported to your TNG installation to get you …

Using Synology DNS to speed up WordPress

Running WordPress on a Synology NAS is a fun way to extend its capabilities but if you really go for it and build rich content using a page builder such as Elementor, page load times in the back-end editor take a hit. This article describes how you can speed …

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Gutenberg Editor: The perils of ignoring users

Software designers are faced with at least two dilemmas. Do we: Stick with what works or be different? Listen to what users need or decide for them?  And there is a classic software designer's trap - designing for themselves instead of the …

GDPR and Genealogy: The living and the dead

Unless you've been on a trip to Mars it can't have escaped your attention that the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. A family tree is an unlikely place for GDPR issues to …

Synology MailPlus Server – for Home Users

Many of the Synology packaged applications are end-user oriented and just work, out of the box, with little configuration.  Office, Drive, Moments, Note Station, Photo Station, Audio Station, and the mobile apps -  they "install and go."  Some are more …

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Daminion & Synology Photo Station

This is the Help System for the Daminion and Synology Photo Station integration

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GDPR and Genealogy: The living and the dead

Family Historians all over the world are affected by GDPR whether they like it or not.  This guide explains how GDPR affects genealogy and what family historians need to do to make sure they comply with the new regulation.

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A few guides on genealogy topics

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