Accessing Synology Photo Station Library from Moments

The release notes for Moments 1.2.0-0638 state:

Supports Shared Photo Library, allowing admins and authorized users to collaboratively edit the photos and albums in there.

But how you do that is not obvious.

Here’s what you do

1. Log in with any administrator account

2. Go into Moments

3. In the bottom left corner, click on your profile picture (or letter, if you haven’t entered a profile pic) and choose Settings.  Then follow the steps shown below.

That completes setup

Accessing the Shared Library

Every user to whom you granted Shared Library permissions will now have this drop down (A) when they enter Moments and can switch to it.

(C) It doesn’t matter that Photo Station already has the images indexed.  Moments needs to build its own index, so you will have to wait for the grey placeholders to resolve to thumbnails

That’s all there is to it!


Paul Barrett

  1. I have started to look into this feature. Looks really handy… a way to merge all photos, stored on mobile phones, desktop computer(s) into a central hub. I think(?) My imaging needs include the following:

    * A central place to store all my photos, be they stored on my mobile, desktop or elsewhere.
    * The ability to index, group people’s faces, locations etc centrally and then have the results accessible for all users.

    What do we think?

  2. Paul Barrett says:

    Yes, Moments will let you do most of that.

    There are a few caveats though. Rather than detail them here I think I will write a an article on the subject.

    They are issues that will bother you if you have tens of thousands of images and want tagging capabilities that go beyond the out-of-the-box facilities

    – people that aren’t captured by FR
    – locations that are named in a bizarre fashion
    – subjects which are pretty useless.

    The big + point is that if you locate the library in the standard \photo share, Photo Station can be used in parallel.

  3. Hi!
    Can add to the shared photo library also the photo on the personal photo station? I mean the photo stored on home/photos

    • I am not sure. I have never used personal photo station because it added a whole new layer of complexity that I could not be bothered to deal with.

      My hunch is that PPS’s folders are non shareable in just the same way the Moments’ My Drive location is non shareable. If you want your PPS photos to show up in moments I think you will have to move them using File Station

  4. That things aren’t obvious or intuitive in using Moments is certainly an understatement. Thanks for the mini-tutorial; what is needed is a comprehensive tutorial taking in Moments and the associated Drive. But that doesn’t exist now.

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